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Our Story

You put your right foot in,

You put your right foot out;
You put your right foot in,
And you shake it all about.
You do the hokey-pokey,
And you turn yourself around.
That's what it's all about!

Really, that's all it's about! All you need to do is put your foot forward, and everything around you will turn around! Try it :-)

Footsy is an idea that was literally born under a street-light in a quiet bylane of Bangalore. We launched in February 2012, and haven't looked back since. We took a mundane and functional pair of socks, and evolved it into a much-loved fashion accessory.

Why socks, you ask?

Socks are a reflection of our personality. A well-kept secret, though :-) We tend to hide this piece of our personality under our jeans, shoes, leggings and trousers. But we want you to PLAY! Learn a trick or two from Mr. Superman. Wear your chaddis, errrm, sorry, wear your socks out. Put them over your jeans, if you please. Ease up. Socks can look great! Wear them in bright colours. Wear them mismatched. Make your own combinations, and mix-match your favourite pairs. Come on, shine a little. Play a little :-) 

And who are we?

Footsy is the playground of Seema Seth and Pooja Mehta.

Seema is a Communication Designer who lends her aesthetic sensibilities to Footsy. While Pooja brings in the right balance with her Design Management and MBA background. Together, these two entrepreneurial women have created a design-led brand from the inside out. Footsy is constantly evolving and growing, both through trial and error. From trying to create the perfect fit and elasticity, to finding yarn that feels softer, to ideating and brainstorming new colour palettes and designs – it's an exciting journey!

Want to chat with us?

If you'd like to speak to us, or have an idea you'd like to share, please do drop us a line at