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Are there different sizes for men and women?
Almost all our socks are unisex. Please refer to the Size Guide to choose the right size for you.

Why are you charging me for shipping?
Because shipping is expensive! Our products are priced at a nominal value, and we cannot afford to include the shipping costs in the product price. We’re small, honest company!

What’s your exchange and returns policy?
You can read about our exchange and returns policy here. But do remember, due to hygiene reasons, we don’t accept socks if the tag has been removed.

What is the delivery time for your socks?
We try to deliver your order within a week. But sometimes due to heavy rains, floods, logistics issues, natural calamities and lack of coffee (no, kidding), your order might be delayed. But we’ll always keep you informed.

What is the average lifespan of socks?
Good question. It depends on well you take care of them. Firstly, always remove the tag with a pair of scissors. Pulling the tag off will result in a hole. If you’re putting your socks into the washing machine, try and put them into a mesh bag to ensure you don’t end up with a missing sock!

Why do socks exist?
Again, good question. Socks protect your feet, and absorb perspiration due to hot weather. Socks are also a great fashion accessory and can really enhance your overall appearance. A spot of colour on your feet can complete your entire look.

Where do lost socks go?
Ssssshhh. You’ll have to ask the FBI.

I received a pair of damaged socks. What should I do?
Take a picture of the faulty product, and send it to us on We’ll take care of things from there to ensure you receive a perfect product